TARAFood Writer
As a food writer for numerous newspapers and magazines as well as several books for Phaidon, I wanted to create the kind of place I could go to cook. I love hotels, but prefer the sense of being at home, ideally with a large, comfortable kitchen where I can potter around discovering local ingredients and with any luck gather a party of friends for lunch or dinner.
I started working at Dar Namir about seven years ago. Now, as well as running the house, I assist at the Courtyard Kitchen and teach some of my own dishes. I grew up in the Fez medina and always cooked with my mother and grandmother, so my specialty is to share traditional Moroccan techniques for preparing vegetables and various different tagines, as well as pastry baking.
I believe in simple, honest, regional food that isn’t exclusively wedded to tradition – it’s good for the evolution of a cuisine to be open to improvisation. My dishes are usually a fusion of what I like most from my homeland, Poland, with local – in this case Moroccan – twists. My most recent obsession is to recreate food from my childhood, concentrating on my sourdough bakery here in Fez.