TARAFood Writer
As a food writer for numerous newspapers and magazines as well as several books for Phaidon, I wanted to create the kind of place I could go to cook. I love hotels, but prefer the sense of being at home, ideally with a large, comfortable kitchen where I can potter around discovering local ingredients and with any luck gather a party of friends for lunch or dinner.
I am a Scottish musician/songwriter based in Berlin and the UK (where I have an independent record label dedicated to the development of new talent). I first went to Fès in December 2009 to complete the purchase of a house I hadn’t seen before, but having relied upon Tara’s instincts and judgment, and having navigated 4 years of renovation with her, I am relieved (and delighted) to be co-owner of Dar Namir.
These jokers say I got lucky when I showed up here, but take it from me they’re the lucky ones. About two years ago I spotted an open window, came in for a poke about and could see they needed me. How else are you supposed to get rid of unwanted critters? I look after the place at night when everyone else is sleeping and by day I prowl the medina or sun myself on the roof, depending on my whim.